Feel better through Ayurveda.

Bring balance back to your body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda combines diet and lifestyle recommendations, massage techniques, herbal medicines, and detoxification treatments tailored to your unique prakruti (constitutional makeup). Reclaim control of your health and wellbeing by playing an active role in it. Boost your immunity. Enjoy relief from a range of conditions; skin disorders, digestive issues, arthritis, allergies/food intolerances and other common complaints. Feel more energetic and creative. Sleep better. Handle stress more constructively. Everybody can benefit from The Ayurvedic Way.

Get to the root cause.

I’ll determine what really works for you by getting to the root cause of your imbalance during consultation. By learning the balance of the three Doshas (energies that govern the body's functioning) and then exploring your diet, life habits and responses to everyday situations, I can pinpoint the cause of the trouble. And help you find ways to get your body and mind back in balance.

Make better lifestyle and diet decisions.

I’ll create an Ayurvedic plan tailored to your unique constitution that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine. I can make a difference with a few tweaks to your diet, cooking methods, lifestyle, and attitude. I’ll highlight your favourable foods, ones to enjoy in moderation and those best avoided. Help you identify ways to get the best out of your emotional characteristics and inherent strengths. And pinpoint ways you can stay balanced through being active, nourishing your spirit and occupying your mind.

Stop reacting. Start preventing.

Take ownership of your physical, mental and spiritual health. Stay balanced.  Live well. And thrive. I’ll show you how to support and strengthen the positive elements of your constitution. When you’re back in balance, you’ll be empowered to recognise and counteract changes in your external environment.  Embrace The Ayurvedic Way and actively enhance your wellbeing throughout each season and every year.

Ayurveda is one of the world’s most enduring and powerful systems of healing.